Useful App Facts & Support Policy for Customers:

Thanks for being a customer, and welcome to our support portal.

We are happy to help you with your purchased application. We hope that you find our product useful, and fun.

Some of our products are marketed for use with iMovie or Final Cut Pro. iMovie and Final Cut Pro are Apple products. If you need help with those Apple products, there are many good tutorials on the App Store or YouTube, or Apple’s website. We do not provide support for Apple’s products.

On rare occasions, computer use can be confounding. If you are having an OSX problem, please contact Apple, or do some logical searches on Google, and you might find an answer. Sometimes getting help with computers takes a little patience and resourcefulness. An OSX problem is anything that is happening outside of our application.

Rest assured that Apple tests apps for functionality before they are allowed in the store. If you find that something is confounding to you, go back and read the app documentation in the App Store, and find the help file or video tutorial contained within many of our Mac apps. After that, seek help within this website.

If you are happy with our product, great! If you are unhappy with our product, you need to understand the following; Apple shares zero customer data with App Store developers. We don’t know anything about you, or what iTunes account you used to purchase our product. We wholesale to Apple, and they retail to you. We are not part of their transaction with you. We don’t know who you are, or where you are. If you are dissatisfied, and seeking a refund, you need to take that up with Apple via the iTunes invoice that they emailed you. There is no other way. We have no means to issue a refund, or even know that you were an actual customer.

Our website is your only support portal. Feel free to contact us, via the contact form. Please don’t use the App Store Review section as a forum for seeking support, or for trolling for personal fame, it won't get you any answers.

Our apps were made in the spirit of fun, and creativity. We aim to keep our app environment fun, and creative, and we hope you will assist in those principles.

Thanks very much.


Mosa Motion Graphics LLC